Road heat restorations

In 2014, during my tenure as Pavement Technologies Manager at Teede REV-2 AS, we achieved a significant milestone by securing and successfully executing the most extensive asphalt pavement heat recovery project in Estonia. This groundbreaking initiative utilized novaflex technology, a novel approach in the Estonian context, with technical collaboration from former Skanska colleagues in Finland.

The project encompassed the revitalization of over 100 km of asphalt pavement, equivalent to more than 1.1 million m2 of paving across various Estonian roads. This substantial undertaking stands as a remarkable success story, highlighted on the TREV2 website under the title “Technological Development as the Key to Success.”

My responsibilities:

  • Management of asphalting units
  • Work organisation of asphalt factories to carry out the work
  • Milling control of units
  • Financial management
  • Quality control
  • Assembling teams


Read more about the heat restauration in the recent news in Delfi Ärileht. 


Photos from Richard Viies private collection

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