The Usus team assumed responsibility for completing a portion of the infrastructure project on behalf of the client, replacing the contractor under tight time constraints.

The client of USUS OÜ faced a critical situation with the main contractor significantly behind schedule in the project’s critical path. This delay posed a considerable operational risk, jeopardizing deadlines essential for project co-financing.

USUS OÜ stepped in to manage the site for road and square construction, working collaboratively with the designer to devise an optimal vertical plan. In a continuous 24/7 work process, USUS OÜ executed excavations, soil works, and the laying of road and pavement coverings. Remarkably, the entire project was completed in less than three calendar weeks, just before the onset of winter snow. This timely completion not only allowed the client to adhere to the planned schedule but also averted the risk of the entire project falling behind.

To further expedite the process, asphalt was used for the floors of the stock area inside the building, bringing both time and financial benefits to the client. Drawing on their experience, USUS OÜ constructed noise barriers on both sides of the building using locally excavated materials. These barriers effectively prevented noise pollution from the production process from spreading to the local town and neighbouring properties.


Photos from Richard Viies private collection

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