Engaged in the capacity of owner supervision services, our involvement was integral during the execution of state-ordered asphalt pavement renewal projects employing diverse heat recovery technologies. These projects were commissioned on various Estonian national highways, addressing the wear and tear of the asphalt surface induced by the traffic load, particularly addressing wheel ruts.

Under the auspices of state procurements, we orchestrated the restoration efforts utilizing distinct heat restoration technologies known as remix and novaflex. This strategic intervention aimed to enhance the longevity and structural integrity of the asphalt surface, contributing to the overall improvement of Estonia’s national highways.

Leveraging our extensive experience in overseeing both asphalt production (as a Production Manager) and pavement laying (as a Pavement Technologies Manager), we are well-equipped to provide informed assessments and advice to both work orderers and contractors. Our expertise has primarily been sought for supervising projects with substantial volumes. We are fortunate to have been invited to endeavours of significant scale, particularly those entailing substantial volumes of asphalt works.

Recent contractors:

  • Rooparemix Harju and Rapla County 2020 GRK, State Road No. 11 Tallinn ring road km 34.2 – 37.669
  • State Road No. 13 Jägala – Käravete km 9.7 – 12.441
  • State Road No. 11390 Tallinn – Rannamõisa – Kloogaranna km 22.44 – 26.6112022 KMG Insenerehitus OÜ,
  • State road no. 4 Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla km 42,487- 58,591 remix
  • State road no. 4 Tallinn-Pärnu-Ikla km 59,730- 64,704 remix 2023 Verston OÜ


Our responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the construction processes taking place on the site in accordance with national regulations and guidelines
  • Checking the conformity of construction products and materials
  • Control of traffic management during construction
  • Preparation and control of project documentation


Photos from Richard Viies private collection

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