Launch of a new asphalt production plant

Embarking on the establishment of a new asphalt production venture, the company strategically acquired an asphalt plant with the aim of capturing a substantial market share through competitive pricing and increased production capacity. A crucial requirement emerged for a specialist capable of initiating factory operations post-commissioning.

Aligned with the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, the specialist was tasked with executing certification procedures, preparing performance declarations, and ensuring compliance with CE markings. Furthermore, their responsibilities extended to formulating, testing, and launching asphalt mixture recipes into full-scale production. This multifaceted role played a pivotal role in the successful establishment and operationalization of the new asphalt production facility.

My responsibilities: 

  • Preparation of factory production control
  • Product planning, preparation, testing, and preparation of mixture recipes
  • Carrying out type tests
  • Submitting an application for certification
  • Organisation of the certification process
  • Issuance of performance declarations and CE markings


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