Securing millions in state compensation for injustice redressal


In 2019, Usus experts collaborated with a client entangled in a decade-long dispute between two entrepreneurs. The situation intensified when the Estonian government sided with one of the entrepreneurs, claiming public interest and leading to the regrettable expropriation of valuable real estate owned by the client.


Obstruct the state’s land expropriation process until both the public sector and the state comprehend its intricacies. Pursue lawful awareness to address and compensate the damages to our Client incurred by the private company during the expropriation, aligning with public interests.


Usus experts played a crucial role as consultants, preparing technical content and arguments for the client. They engaged the services of renowned Estonian PR companies and consulted with the client’s legal teams. Operational arguments crafted by Usus, drawing on experience in time-critical situations, were presented in appeals to the Prime Minister of Estonia during the holiday season, as the state took a forceful stance against the client’s property.

Attorney at law and former Chancellor of Justice (2008-2015)
Indrek Teder echoed similar sentiments in Eesti Päevaleht in 2019, emphasizing the necessity of a clear public interest.

He stressed that in exceptional cases of expropriation, an agreement should be reached with the owner, ensuring fair compensation to avoid resentment and uphold the foundations of statehood.

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Regrettably, the Estonian state intervened in a commercial dispute between two business entities and, favouring one party, executed a substantial land expropriation from the other company. However, through collaborative efforts, the Client received substantial multimillion-euro compensation, facilitated by the Land Board (Maa-amet), marking a successful outcome against the state’s actions.

Drawing on its experience, Usus OÜ expert team continues to assist clients in legal disputes, providing technical arguments, case analysis, and innovative solutions, and developing out-of-the-box action plans and strategies.

State Compensation for Injustice Redressal


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