Paving the Way as a
#1 Road Engineering Certification Authority


In 2018, under an administrative contract with the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia, Kutsekoda (The Estonian Qualifications Authority) launched a competition to appoint a professional body for the issuance of professional certificates for the subsequent five years. The occupational qualification standards under consideration were:

  • Civil Engineer in Road Engineering, EstQF Level 6
  • Diploma Civil Engineer in Road Engineering, EstQF Level 7
  • Chartered Civil Engineer in Road Engineering, EstQF Level 8
  • Road Worker, EstQF Level 4 (was added in 2019)

ESTEL (The Estonian Infrastructure Construction Association) sought participation to establish itself as a professional certifying body in the field of road engineering. 


ESTEL encountered a shortage of internal resources and in-house capabilities to fulfil the rigorous requirements of the competition within the allocated timeframe. 


When the Usus team assumed control, they diligently formulated operational descriptions, appointed committee heads, and presented calculations to the Professional Council of Architecture, Geomatics, Construction, and Real Estate.


This strategic alliance with Usus not only secured ESTEL’s successful qualification in the road engineering competition, ushering in a 5-year tenure but also positioned the Usus expert team as key contributors in shaping the procedures and operational intricacies of road engineering certifications. This collaboration empowered ESTEL to seamlessly function as a certification awarding body for two consecutive seasons.

As the years unfolded, ESTEL not only sustained but thrived as a certifying body, embracing the meticulously crafted principles and operational guidelines provided by the Usus team.

This partnership exemplifies how the extensive experience of Usus OÜ can offer invaluable solutions during crises, enabling organizations to navigate complex challenges with efficiency.

In 2019, the collaborative efforts of USUS OÜ and Kutsekoda extended support to ESTEL by formulating a qualification standard for road builder level 4, further solidifying ESTEL’s prominent role in the industry. The expertise and rapid response of the Usus team played a pivotal role in ensuring that ESTEL, as a professional road association, maintains its position as a leading certification body to this day.

Estel road engineering certification authority


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