factory production control systems

Starting from 2004

Entrepreneurs engaged in importing materials or introducing construction products  to the Estonian as well as to the EU market often find it imperative to take on the role of a manufacturer, aligning with the stipulations of Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. This entails a meticulous approach to formulating production controls for the factory, covering crucial aspects such as product design, technical parameters, the technological workflow, and manufacturing specifics. A comprehensive production procedure, delineating inputs and outputs, is crafted to ensure the stability of product properties, coupled with stringent control and traceability facilitated through technological cards.

In my capacity, drawing on extensive experience, I provide valuable guidance to manufacturers, aiding them in swiftly selecting optimal solutions and technologies tailored to their source materials and intended products. I specialize in streamlining the certification process, ensuring that the products comply with the regulatory requisites outlined in the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. Through my services, manufacturers not only navigate regulatory complexities but also expedite the establishment of a sustainable production process. This equips them to efficiently produce and market construction products per specified requirements, sidestepping potential setbacks.

Services offered: 

I. Factory Production Control and Certification Services:

  • Preparation and certification of aggregates factory production control
  • Execution of type tests
  • Formalization of performance declarations and CE markings
  • Organization of the certification process
  • Issuance of performance declarations and CE markings


II. Technological Process Management:

  • Preparation of technological maps
  • Description and initiation of technological processes
  • Presentation of technological maps, i.e., production parameters and metrics
  • Continuous development and consultation of the production process
  • Technology and technique upgrading


III. Production Consulting and Planning:

  • Product conformity control
  • Client preparation for the annual supervisory audit by the Notified Body and subsequent elimination of identified deficiencies
  • Production consulting and planning of new products


Kindly click on the booklet covers below to access detailed information about the required certifications and the document structure. We believe it’s immensely beneficial to entrust the certification preparation process to seasoned professionals with more than two decades of hands-on experience.

We are delighted to offer our expertise and support to streamline your certification journey.


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