bulk terminal at muuga port

A prominent bulk services and transport provider from Finland actively engaged in the acquisition of the former Kalveks production unit situated in Muuga Sadama, Estonia, from ArcelorMittal, aiming to enhance opportunities for bulk material export-import activities. To overcome limitations posed by the insufficient capacity of the Kalveks tiers for storing substantial amounts of bulk substances, agreements were made for utilizing expansive hectares near the former Coal Terminal tier in Muuga Sadam, eliminating all space and volume constraints.

Seeing opportunities in the undeveloped areas adjacent to the coal terminal tiers, the Finnish investor opted to construct vast expanses of a territory with a suitable asphalt surface, which would allow the installation and anchoring of large-sized PVC halls by Best Hall, ideal for receiving and storing bulk materials.

USUS was pivotal in the comprehensive planning and design of the site’s constructions. This involved selecting the builder, the company executing the owner supervision of the works as well as providing the additional supervision of the overall project. YIT Eesti AS, which was selected for the construction of the site, contributed to the bulk terminal with its great experience to achieve the best result.

Additionally, USUS efficiently organized essential procurements provided valuable consultation to the customer on contractual matters throughout the construction phase and continued to offer ongoing guidance for product introduction to the market, including compliance assessment requirements.

Our responsibilities: 

  • Planning and designing the construction of the site
  • Organizing the necessary procurements
  • Helping to select the builder and the owner supervision of the works
  • Consulting the customer on contractual matters
  • Offering and continuing consultation in product launch, assessment of compliance requirements
  • Selecting and negotiating potential quarries in Finland


Photos by Richard Viies

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