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The USUS team assumed responsibility for and completed a portion of the infrastructure project on behalf of the client, replacing the contractor under tight time constraints.

The client of USUS OÜ faced a critical situation with the main contractor significantly behind schedule in the project’s critical path. This delay posed a considerable operational risk, jeopardizing deadlines essential for project co-financing. In response, USUS OÜ assumed control of the construction site for roads and sites.

Collaborating with the designer, USUS OÜ implemented optimal vertical planning, considering the manoeuvring needs of large trucks in narrow winter conditions. Leveraging experience, a reverse slope was designed, enabling semi-trailers to smoothly enter the warehouse with a skid. The excavation, soil works, and road/pavement laying were executed as a continuous 24/7 process. Remarkably, the entire project was completed in just two calendar weeks, rescuing the client’s schedule and preventing the project from falling behind the final deadline.


Photos from Richard Viies private collection

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