Green Initiative: Reducing Carbon Footprint via Land Valuation


Toftan sawmills produce both pine and spruce lumber, the production is used for earthquake-proof houses in Japan, houses and furniture in North African countries, construction structures in Europe, window and door components, and beams for bridges and buildings.


The Toftan team identified an opportunity to enhance their fetching territory expansion by valuing their own land, contributing to a better living environment in Estonia. In forest production, they discovered land units with former aggregate deposits that could be utilized in infrastructure construction, effectively reducing project burdens and the carbon footprint of their works.


Toftan’s representative engaged Usus OÜ to facilitate the entry of aggregates into the EU market. Usus experts conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the deposit’s materials, devised production descriptions and principles, established the factory’s production control system, and implemented it within the company.

The process included organizing initial type tests, managing the certification procedure, and coordinating inspections with the notified body to secure the necessary certificate.

Commencing in the summer of 2019 at Toftan’s request, this collaboration with Usus OÜ granted Toftan the official authorization, by fall 2019, to introduce construction products meeting EVS-EN 13242:2006+A1:2008 requirements to the EU market, under the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011.


Selecting Usus as its collaborative partner enabled Toftan to swiftly achieve its organizational goals while conserving internal resources and benefiting from the expertise of Usus.



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