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During this project, Usus OÜ had to assume control and complete the construction of the infrastructure for a project left unfinished and abandoned by the initial contractor.

The contractor abruptly abandoned the site, breaching contractual obligations and creating a critical situation for the end client of USUS OÜ. With the impending heating season and the national importance of district heating services at stake, a swift resolution was imperative.

USUS OÜ was urgently called upon to complete the entire construction project, including surface coverings and routes around the building, within a tight timeframe of just a few days over a month. Collaborating with the designer, USUS OÜ identified optimal solutions, executed comprehensive earthworks from demolitions onward, and efficiently paved roads and fields with a multi-layered asphalt coating. This timely intervention allowed the client to meet the required schedule and proceed with planned activities.


Photos from Richard Viies private collection

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